There are myriad ways you can get involved with The Little Grand Race 2019. Donate your cash or resources, commit your time and energy, supply your skills. Even small things help.

Since this is exclusively a volunteer effort, we’ll give priority to those who are qualified and live in the Cayman Islands. Submit your details now and we’ll get back in touch as soon as possible.


Sponsors commit, in good faith, financial or other support to the Estera Little Grand Race 2019 on the basis that all proceeds go to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society and that the Organisers will make every effort to conduct the Race as close as possible to the projected dates.

Sponsors must accept that, due to circumstances beyond the event Organiser's control, kiteboard competitors, their teams or other volunteers may not be able to take part and conditions may cause the Race to be abandoned or cancelled entirely and that In such circumstances, no refund is due to Sponsors.